Our swimwear are made from Oeko-tek certified Econyl fabric. Post-consumer materials like fishnets and plastic water bottles are collected from ocean waste, cleaned, and regenerated into small pellets into fibers and eventually into fabric for our swimwear.

Econyl fabric is made at Aquafil facilities who are global leaders in synthetic materials that involve quality, innovative, and sustainable practices.

Unlike the production of virgin nylon, the production of every 10k ton of raw materials saves 70k barrels of crude oil and avoids 57.1k tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Our printed designs use eco-solvent ink, a form of non-water based ink made from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil. We avoid the use of traditional synthetic dyes to avoid the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can be a health hazard to print works and a pollutant to the ozone.


Beyond just the fabric, we also value social sustainability. We work closely with our manufacturer located in Bali, Indonesia who are truly committed and understanding of the worker’s need and promote their well-being. All staff are paid above average wages up to 3 times the standard and negotiate their contracts and salaries on top of monthly and yearly bonuses. They also provide opportunities for worker training, capacity building, and personal development.


Down to the mailer you receive at your doorstep, we wanted to be conscious of the materials we used. We use kraft mailer boxes made from 100% recycled paper. Our mailer boxes and kraft packing tape are 100% recyclable.

A reusable zip bag comes with each order. Place your swimwear or any essentials you want to protect from getting wet. On the beach, the bag will come in handy if you need/love some organization in your day to day. Please reuse as needed!



We love the planet we live on and every little effort counts.

For each bikini made, we donate 10 cents to help support the ROLE Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Bali dedicated to a sustainable future for coastal and island communities and marine ecosystems. With the vision of healthy zero-waste oceans, the organization creates sustainable jobs in coastal communities and provides educational and skills training programs to ensure environmentally sustainable practices within communities and in businesses that will protect our earth.



While we love working with our manufacturer and everything they stand for, they are located half-way across the world which means more carbon emissions than we’d like. To help balance our carbon footprint, we donate and pledge to support emission reduction projects like renewable energy and methane capture projects.



We care about the planet we live on and we know you do too. We’re always finding new and innovative ways to be friendly to our earth. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at