Black Lives Matter

We’re choosing not to stay silent because we cannot stay silent. As a minority founded business in a beautiful & colorfully diverse city, we stand in solidarity today & always with the Black community against radical injustice. We’re stronger together and it’s up to all of us to make a change.⁠

We are reflecting on our values as a business, but more importantly as individuals who want to do better and help in a meaningful way. We are listening and we are educating ourselves.  We want to use our voices in a meaningful & impactful way. We are talking to our friends & families. We are having all the uncomfortable yet necessary conversations. We encourage our customers to do the same, have conversations, and learn with us — because until Black Lives Matter, none of ours do. 

We all have a lot to learn & do to make this necessary change. Do your part. Here are some ways you can donate, educate, vote, and get involved in your community.⁠



Black Lives Matter

The Loveland Foundation

Campaign Zero

The Innocence Project


ACLU Nationwide


- 13th (documentary on Neflix)⁠⠀
- The Hate U Give (movie on Hulu)⁠⠀
- Momentum: A Race Forward (podcast)⁠⠀
- The Diversity Gap (podcast)⁠⠀
- Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Ibram X. Kendi & Jason Reynolds⁠



If you are a NYC voter please apply for absentee voting here